TA Differential Cover for 8.8" Ford

TA 8.8 TA Differential Cover for 8.8" Ford

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This TA Performance Aluminum Differential Cover/Girdle fits Ford 8.8" rear ends and is made from the best materials around, like aircraft grade aluminum that has been heat treated and stress relieved. They ensure the highest accuracy with their 3 step CNC process which is followed by their quality hand deburring and inspection... all to ensure that you're getting the best Differential Cover on the Market for your Mustang. We could go on about how they lower the differential operating temperature by about 15 degrees, or increase the overall gear fluid capacity, but you already know this is exactly what you need.

Styles: Low Profile has a 4" height from gasket. Ultra-low Profile has a 3.5" height from gasket, and is meant for 05+ Mustangs.

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