HANS Device Hans Professional Device

HANS Device Hans Professional Device

hans-device-hans-professional-device - HANS Device Hans Professional Device

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HANS Device Hans Professional Device

Despite the pomp and circumstance surrounding safety these days, incredible engineering and superior quality still rule. The Hans Professional Device is a perfect example of why. This gorgeous sculpture is handcrafted with high modulus carbon fiber, including a hollow core to reduce weight, and weighs about 1 pound, which makes it the lightest Hans Device available.

Choose between 2 different ways your Hans Device attaches to your helmet:

1. Post Anchor system is the anchor system that most people are used to already. The anchors are bolted to the helmet, and the Hans tethers attach the Hans to the helmet, and the Hans can be separated from the helmet easily. This allows the driver to put the Hans on while still in the car if desired.

2. The Quick Click Anchor system allows the driver to detach the helmet from the Hans by simply pulling the orange tethers.

Model 20 for upright seating applications, the most popular by far.
Model 30 fits larger drivers in most cars or slender drivers in Formula cars.
SFI Approved

Available in 3 sizes

M - Medium
For neck sizes 13.5"-17"
L - Large
For neck sizes 16"-20"

Sorry, No Discounts Available On Hans Devices

As of 2-18-2013, price of 30 and 40 degree is $1189

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