Hawk Blue 9012 Racing Front Brake Pads - For 87-93 Mustang GT, LX

HAW-HB263E-650 - Hawk Blue 9012 Racing Front Brake Pads - For 87-93 Mustang GT, LX

Item #:haw-hb263e-650
Price: $165.00

Hawk Blue 9012 racing pads are designed for higher performance driving conditions, such as road racing or auto crossing. If your driving style demands the best braking performance, without sacrifice, then the Hawk Blue 9012 pads are perfect for you. These pads have a higher temperature range than Hawk street pad compounds, which means they can perform under more grueling braking conditions. While the Hawk Blue pads are more geared towards racing, they will still allow you to drive safely too and from the track, not requiring too much temperature break-in.

The Hawk Blue pads are the #1 selling brake pads used by the SCCA.

  • Excellent brake modulation & feel
  • Great for weekend racers & high performance driving
  • Low rotor wear compared to other racing pads
  • Multi-purpose compound
  • Optimal temp range 250 - 1000 degrees F
Note - These pads are not recommended on a daily driven street car. They are designed for high performance driving only.

Fits 1987-1993 Mustang GT or LX, 5.0L

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