1983-1986 Mustang 2" Inch Cowl Induction Hood

HO Fibertrends 83862 - 1983-1986 Mustang 2" Inch Cowl Induction Hood

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The best street hood possible. This hood replaces our 1 ˝ inch cowl induction hood “we no longer make” slightly taller at 1 5/8 inches taller than your stock steel hood. The cowl induction scoop rises quickly giving you the clearance you need for carbonated cars or fuel injected ones. The scoop is made wider in the front giving those interested in running superchargers more clearance for pulleys and accessories. Whether you choose to use this hood on the street or the race track, this hood is a true winner.

Made from high quality hand laid fiberglass. Our hoods are made with a tough white gel-coat surface, that resists fiber strand print through. We only use the very highest quality surface coats, better than the general purpose gel-coats that’s used by most of our competitors.

Our Fiberglass hoods are engineered for strength and reliability. Instead of the cheap inserts placed into the fiberglass, which can be ripped out the hinge and latch. areas. H.O. Fibertrends takes the time to laminate blocks of aircraft quality aluminum into the fiberglass under structure. The hinge areas come predrilled and threaded. The latch is metal reinforced. So when the hood arrives its ready to be installed.

After our hoods come out of their molds, we remove the flashing and finish the edges for you. Filling the gapes left by bonding the top and bottom structures together, Most of the hoods you buy from our competitors rely on you or your body shop to make those repairs before painting the hood. This item does not qualify for free shipping and must be shipped to either a local UPS Freight Facility or to a business address.

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