HPX N2 Mass Airflow Sensor (03+ Nissan)

HPX N2 Mass Airflow Sensor (03+ Nissan)

Item #:hpx-n2
Price: $249.00

For engine displacements under 5L.

Will never peg. Sensor will support over 800HP when installed in a 3" housing. Updated sensor curve has been engineered to maintain perfect idle resolution even when used on vehicles making under 300HP. This sensor can be used in any housing from 2" to over 5". It can also be used for blow-thru or draw-through configurations. Limited lifetime warranty.

2.5" housing 580 WHP

3" housing 830 WHP

3.5" housing 1130 WHP

80mm housing 900 WHP

85mm housing 1050 WHP

95mm housing over 1300 WHP

This is the last mass airflow sensor you will ever buy.

  • Requires 03+ NISSAN maf connector
  • Requires computer tuning
  • Can be used on any 0-5V maf system with computer tuning

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