PMAS 6-pin Slot Style 05+ Mustang MAF Sensor & Software

PMAS HPX - PMAS 6-pin Slot Style 05+ Mustang MAF Sensor & Software

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Price: $195.00

PMAS 6-pin Drop-in 05-14 Mustang Slot Style MAF Sensor & Software

Capable of supporting over 1000rwhp, this sensor is easily installed and won't peg. We recommend this MAF system for use in high horsepower blow-through and draw-through setups, as some of you have found that the stock sensors are easily pegged, even after using extenders like the DiabloSport MAFIA.

For those of you who have 2005-10 Mustangs, this will slot style will drop right in. If you're a previous model year, you can still drop this in, but will need to make a couple of modifications. Most commonly, you'll need to get a pigtail/adapter harness and an aluminum or steel slot flange to weld onto the pipe.

Like we said before, this HPX sensor is capable of supporting over 1000rwhp, all depending on what the tube size is. For most of you, the 3" intake tube, will support 650rwhp, and a 3.5" will support around 850rwhp. The supplied software makes it easy to generate those transfer functions for different sized tubes, like the 4" and 4.5" which support over 1000rwhp. with one of these, you can wave goodbye to the large MAF adapters of the past, and say hello to the smaller footprint which better samples data by being less obtrusive.

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