JLT True Ram Air Intake Kit for 1996 to 2004 Mustang GTs

JLT-RAI-FMG-9604 - JLT True Ram Air Intake Kit for 1996 to 2004 Mustang GTs

Item #:jlt-rai-fmg-9604
Price: $225.99

Includes everything you need to replace your small stock intake system. You get the huge 4” JLT pipe, all reducers, clamps, MAF adaptor, Heat shield and filter. This is everything you need to install your kit. Even comes with a all new pipe to MAF reducer that will work with all stock 80mm mass air meters up as big as the 90mm Cobra/Lightning MAF.

**Please note, it has come to our attention that Ford has 4 different motor mounts putting the engine in 4 slightly different positions. This can cause this intake to be very tight to the oil fill cap on a small percentage of models and “may” require slight modification of the cap with a dermal or grinder to clear this JLT intake.**

If you have a 1996-2001 with an IAT sensor, you will need to drill a ¾” hole using a pnel or spade drill in the bottom side of the JLT pipe and use the supplied rubber grommet to install the sensor into the JLT pipe.

You can expect 8-12 RWHP with this kit.

This product comes standard with gloss black paint.

This product is available with color matching to your vehicle's color code. If you would like to get yours colored, please contact us.

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