LCR Free Datalogging Service

LCR Free Datalogging Service

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We've been hard at work getting new products listed, having sales, running promotions and always trying to give the best prices and service possible.

So, we now welcome our new 100% FREE service of datalogging diagnosis for anyone that would like to have a professional take a look at their car's operation.

Having some issues and can't seem to figure it out? Let us see if we can help identify the issue.

Tuned your car? Let us help you make sure it's spot on so you don't damage your engine.

There are some great tuners out there no doubt, and there are some that aren't writing good files for your cars! We see lots of datalogs and tune files posted online, and often see areas for more correction (sometimes big) as well as apparent misconceptions by the tuner which is written into the file. Simply put, we'd like to help you get your car running the way it should whether we tune it or not. To do that, we're offering a free datalogging service to anyone that wants it. Some of you are seasoned datalogging / tuning gurus and don't need any help and others that could have an outside free opinion that may help them, both are welcome.

What you would need: Datalogging software / hardware of your choice. Once you process the free order, there will be a download link in red at the confirmation page which is our datalog instruction sheet with a list of target parameters to log with a step by step process of how to collect the best steady state data. If you have access to a load bearing dyno, that is even better and we can customize it for stand alone system logging if necessary to dial in VE tables, perform Alpha-N calibration and spark hook tests.

Don't have any datalogging software? There are many tools on the market that can log generic OBD2 data, and some have enhanced logging abilities and factory system tool features. We sell Autoenginuity ScanTool and interfaces as we've found them to make an amazing tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike. It probably has way more abilities than the average person is going to use, but professionals will love this tool. You don't have to buy this one, but it is a good tool. Whatever you choose, be sure it can save .csv files so we can open your logs with our software.

It's easy to check out, so order your free service today and let us do something to give back to the car community.

Feel free to place an order online and use our secure checkout 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Call Us M-F 9am-6pm PST @ (858) 527-2917.

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