LFP Dual Pass Heat Exchanger (03-04 Cobra)

LFP-0304DPHE - LFP Dual Pass Heat Exchanger (03-04 Cobra)

Item #:lfp-0304dphe
Price: $334.99

LFP Dual Pass Heat Exchanger (03-04 Cobra)

  • All aluminum tig welded light weight construction
  • over twice the core size of stock exchanger
  • Prevents Heat Soak
  • 18 fins per inch for maximum airflow/maximum cooling
  • Much larger fluid holding tanks
  • Furnace brazed eliminating any sealing problem or the need for epoxy

LFPs NEW Dual Pass design incorporates the latest engineering & technology for enhanced coolant flow and improved thermal stabilization. LFP Heat Exchangers are available as a Single Pass or Dual Pass Designs (Shown). The NEW Dual Pass design improves power by creating a more dense (lower temp) intake charge verses stock.

The New EXTREME Performance Heat Exchanger features an unprecedented 18 fin per inch cooling surface and more inches of cooling tube per core than any other heat exchanger on the market making it the largest most efficient dual pass heat exchanger on the market today.

03-04 Supercharged Cobras are Hot Natured vehicles. When adding an LFP Upper and/or Lower Pulley Kit expect your intake Charge temps to rise even further. Adding an LFP Extreme Heat Exchanger will significantly reduce intake charge temps allowing you to keep the power that you worked so hard to obtain. LFP intercooler EXTREME heat exchangers mount in stock position. Installation requires basic hand tools and is the only heat exchanger on the market that does not require any cutting or modifications to vehicle to install.

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