LFP Head Cooling Mod (03-04 Cobra)

LFP-0304HCOOLMOD - LFP Head Cooling Mod (03-04 Cobra)

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LFP Head Cooling Mod (03-04 Cobra)

Lightning Force Performance is please to announce our Direct Flow Head Cooling Mod. The Stock Driver's side Head on 03-04 Cobra Mustangs (and most DOHC 4.6L Applications) runs hot. This is because of Ford's failure to provide adequate cooling to the #7 and #8 cylinder jackets on the driver's side head creating hot spots/steam pockets in and around the cylinders (aiding in potential detonation). By creating a direct cold path from the radiator to the hot cylinders, coolant flow in this area in increased dramatically.

The LFP Direct Flow Cooling Kit consists of a precision machined stainless steel fitting, custom fabricated Aluminum Coolant T along with the High Temp Heater Hose and adapters to connect the two. The Stainless Steel fitting is installed in the rear Coolant Jacket on the Drivers Side Head and the Aluminum "T" is installed at the upper Radiator Hose.

Once this modification is installed, both cylinder Heads will be flowing coolant through a restriction averaging .350, thus maintaining Direct Cold Radiator fluid through both heads.

Introducing the all new the Gen 2 Head Cooling Mod. This Generation 2 design uses an O-Ring seal and a retaining plate to secure it in the cylinder head. A benefit to the newer design is that it can be installed on supercharged applications (03 Cobra-style set-ups) without removing the supercharger or the transmission. Additionally, this newer design allows more flexibility for customers who desire to use AN fittings and stainless steel braided hose or other hose variations.

Every cooling "T" is pressurized in a test fixture at 20-25 PSI to ensure there are no leaks at the weld joint prior to shipping.

  • 1999-2001 Cobra (Naturally aspirated/Kenne Bell/Whipple)
  • 2003-2004 Cobra (Eaton/Kenne Bell/Whipple)
  • 2003-2004 Mach 1 (Naturally aspirated/Kenne Bell/Whipple)

** The Even Flow Cooling kit will NOT be a direct fit on Vortech and Paxton Supercharged applications, due to the re-routing of the upper radiator hose**


1) Is it possible to install the Even Flow Cooling Mod on an 03-04 Cobra WITHOUT removing the supercharger? A) YES, these new Gen 2 kits do not require the removal of the supercharger or the transmission.

2) Why does the bottom of the stainless fitting have a radius on the bottom instead of square edge? A) The fitting was designed to "roll" if the install gets started cocked (not straight). If the bottom edge was square and the fitting was being installed cocked, it would tend to bind in the bore. This way the fitting tends to "roll" off center if the install isn't straight, alerting the installer.

3) Why does this kit route the coolant to the upper radiator hose instead of the heater core like everybody else? A) We did research, talked to engine builders, tuners, engineers, machinists, and monitored some very good "discussions" on Internet forums. I then put together a "list" of what I felt would make this mod effective and slightly different from what is currently available. That list looked like this: -Cool the driver's head (#1 priority) -Create separate coolant path instead of merging 2 into 1 -An install that could be completed from the top of the car -An install that could be completed without dropping the transmission or removing the supercharger We believe that getting the coolant to an area where it can be cooled is superior to routing it to the back of the water pump where it simply gets recirculated.

4) What type of sealer is recommended for the stainless fitting? A) Permatex Indian Head Gasket Shellac Compound is the recommended sealer and is commonly available at most auto parts stores. This sealer was chosen because it cures to a sealer that remains flexible at joints and is rated for contact use with coolant, petroleum products, and steam.

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