LFP Upper Aux. Idler Pulley Kit (03-04 Cobra)

LFP-0304UPIDPULK - LFP Upper Aux. Idler Pulley Kit (03-04 Cobra)

Item #:lfp-0304upidpulk
Price: $184.95

Last Call Racing is proud to host the LFP Upper Aux. Idler Pulley Kit (03-04 Cobra)

Kit Features
  • Heavy Duty CNC Machined Aluminum Relocation Bracket
  • CNC machined billet aluminum aux. idler pulley
  • Replaces stock steel aux idler pulley with billet pulley
  • Relocates position of pulley with CNC billet aluminum mounting bracket
  • Allowing 89% total belt wrap on blower pulley
  • Significantly reduces belt slip
  • Comes complete with all mounting hardware
  • Kit fits fits all Supercharged 03-04 Ford Cobra's
Under High RPM and High Boost driving conditions your belt begins to slip due to the lack of belt contact on your blower pulley, you may have heard or felt the slipping. Belt Slip = a loss of boost. The Auxiliary Idler Kit relocates your stock drivers side pulley underneath your Eaton using the lightweight CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Mounting Bracket allowing over 89% total belt wrap on your upper blower pulley.

Your New Idler Kit is complete with a new Aluminum Idler Pulley to replace your heavy stock stamped steel idler. Your new Idler Pulley features a Hard Anodized Coating for proper belt contact and is complete with the highest quality bearing kit available ensuring long pulley life.

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