LFP Pro Comp Performance Race Radiator (05-09 GT)

LFP-0508RACRAD - LFP Pro Comp Performance Race Radiator (05-09 GT)

Item #:lfp-0508racrad
Price: $419.95

LFP Pro Comp Performance Race Radiator (05-09 GT)

LFP is pleased to announce their latest addition to their 05-09 Mustang GT performance product line, the First Performance Race Radiator on the market featuring 18 fin per inch cooling surface, more cooling tubes per core, and twice the size of stock. The LFP Race Radiator is a direct replacement of the stock inefficient Radiator, producing maximum efficiency and performance.

Testing has shown that when these 3V 46 Engines are supercharged they tend to run hot at mid-high RPM ranges and the LFP Race Radiator brings those temps back in check.

LFP Race Radiator Features
  • Polished Tig welded Aluminum tanks, and furnace brazed cores for durability.
  • Wider water passages and a thicker core.
  • Brackets, Hoses and Fitting All Meet OE Fit-Up
  • Larger Fluid Tubes for Maximized Cooling
  • Higher Efficiency Air Fins
  • 100% Aluminum is also a benifet for cool down, No epoxy, no plastic, no steel.
  • Twice the size and much more efficient in its ability to cool over stock.
  • Holds at least a Gallon more Fluid keeping temps in check.
  • Largest fin count and the most efficient Radiator on the Market.
  • No Modifications Necessary

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