Liberty Gears 26 Spline Input Shaft for T56 Transmission

Liberty Gears 26 Spline Input Shaft for T56 Transmission

Item #:lfp-26splinp
Price: $459.95

This item has been discontinued

Liberty Gears 26 Spline Input Shaft incorporates more surface area to distribute torque load, thus strengthening the shaft to prevent bending.

Many Mustang owners running high horsepower/torque cars have run into the issue of a broken input shaft. The stock 10 spline input shaft from Ford is not designed to withstand the Torque loads dished out by modded Mustangs. Under certain circumstances it is stressed to the point of where it actually snaps in half.

This is where the Liberty Gear 26 Spline Input Shaft comes into play. By installing the 26 Spline unit you increase the durability of your transmission to withstang your torque loads. This will also allow you to run more extreme and rugged clutches such as the Centerforce DFX without having to worry about the stock input shaft breaking.

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