LFP Complete Supercharger Cooling Package Shelby GT500

LFP Complete Supercharger Cooling Package Shelby GT500 at Last Call Racing

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All new from LFP is the Extreme Performance DUAL PASS Heat Exchanger for the 2007+ Shelby GT500 Mustangs. LFP is the current leader in aftermarket performance heat exchangers for the 2003-2004 Supercharged SVT Cobras and the SVT F-150 Lightning's. There are more vehicles running the LFP Dual Pass Heat Exchanger than any other aftermarket heat exchanger in the World! LFP has applied the same extreme cooling technology we have developed for Ford, GM, and Mercedez Benz to our latest design, the Shelby GT500.


All Aluminum Tig Welded Construction Up to a 60-70 Degree Lower Intake Temperature is Possible at Wide Open Throttle Over Twice the Size of Stock Exchanger Prevents Heat Soak 18 Cooling Fins Per Inch for Maximum Airflow/Maximum Cooling Much Larger Fluid Holding Tanks Furnace Brazed Eliminating any Sealing Problem or the need for Epoxy. 2007 Supercharged Cobras are Hot Natured vehicles. When adding aftermarket performance parts expect your intake temps to rise even higher due to your supercharger making more heat. Adding an LFP Extreme Heat Exchanger will significantly reduce intake charge temps allowing you to keep the power that you worked so hard to obtain. LFP intercooler EXTREME heat exchangers mount in stock position.There's a reason that LFP is the most sold heat exchanger for the past 10 years, and that's design. LFP Heat Exchangers are making full use of the laws of physics, developing 18 cooling fin per inch cores and offering more cooling tubes per core than any other aftermarket unit. The primary use of fins is to extract heat from the fluid tubes that they are attached to, LFP's 15% increase in fin count results in a quicker cool down. We also offer the thickest cooling tubes on the market to allow the maximum amount of cooling efficiency by sending more fluid through the core at one time which allows for overall lower IAT Temps. Combine that with the largest dual core surface area, large polished holding tanks, and a dual pass design, you have the most efficient cooling machine in the industry.Some manufacturers are offering heat exchangers with very THICK 3-5 Core units. LFP explored this option but decided against it to go with a more efficient 2 core design. Although more cores sound good it actually works against you. A 3+ core design becomes in-efficient as air tries to pass through too thick of a core.

LFP Supertank Intercooler Reservior Shelby GT500. Kit Includes

100% Tig Welded Aluminum 7x's larger and much more efficient in its ability to cool over stock Mounts in 15min. or less 4'' Fuel Cell Door for packing Ice Brushed Aluminum(Matte) Finish Powdercoat Black Finish Polished Aluminum Finish Details The new improved LFP Super Tank is 100% Tig Welded Aluminum. The LFP Supertank comes race ready with fluid capacity 7x the stock plastic resevoir. The larger fluid capacity in itself works wonders for maintaining proper operating temperatures which keeps intake air charge temps on your Eaton lower for consistently longer periods of time.

Mounts in stock position without relocating modifying, cutting, or drilling brackets.

For high spirited racing on street or strip, Lightning Force Performance provides you with a 4'' fuel cell door which allows for packing ice. This has shown an instant drop in fluid temps. by as much as 30 plus degrees. This equals more RWHP and RWTQ.

Tested on the 2003-04 Mustang Cobra's, Race proven at World Ford Challenge 8, in St. Louis, by Strictly Performance and Dyno Speed Racing both picking up 5mph in the 1/4 mile compared to their previous run without Lightning Force Performance's Supertank Intercooler Reservior.

Matte Finish is a brushed aluminum finish.

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