MM Bumpsteer Kit, 2005-2010 Mustang, tapered stud

mm5tr-1 - Maximum Motorsports MM Bumpsteer Kit, 2005-2010 Mustang, tapered stud

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These Adjustable Tie-rod Ends are designed to allow adjustment of the steering geometry to minimize bumpsteer. "Bumpsteer" is when the front toe setting changes as the suspension moves up and down. If the toe setting changes, the car will steer itself, without any input from the driver. This makes the car feel unstable and unpredictable over bumps, with body roll, or during brake dive.

The stock tie-rod geometry on the 2005+ Mustang induces a significant amount of bumpsteer. This was purposely designed to increase understeer when the car is pushed hard into a corner. This excessive bumpsteer is particularly noticeable when the vehicle is lowered. The Mm5TR-1 Adjustable Tie-rod Ends allow the bumpsteer to be adjusted and the amount dramatically reduced, reducing understeer and improving stability and overall handling.

Each MM Bumpsteer Kit Includes

  • Heat-treated tapered studs with rolled threads (No spindle modifications for installation)
  • Aluminum adapter sleeves
  • Spherical rod ends
  • An assortment of high-strength spacers to adjust the height of the tie-rod at the spindle
  • Copyrighted instructions detailing how to measure and adjust bumpsteer

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