2003-2004 Cobra Caster Camber Plates, Chrome

mmcc0304-c - Maximum Motorsports 2003-2004 Cobra Caster Camber Plates, Chrome

Item #:mmcc0304-c
Price: $259.97

Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber Plates. Fits 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra with factory Bilstein struts; also fits 1994-04 Mustang with Bilstein or MM struts. Chrome finish.

Originally intended for 2003-04 Cobras (equipped by Ford with Bilstein struts), these C/C Plates will fit any 1994-04 Mustang using Bilstein, MM Sport, or MM Race series front struts.

2003-04 Cobras (and all 1994-04 Mustangs) fitted with struts other than Bilstein, MM Sport, or MM Race series front struts should use MMCC9994 instead.

There are only 2 differences between the MMCC0304 Caster/Camber Plates and our MMCC9994 Caster/Camber Plates; the inclusion of dust boots, and the omission of our urethane bumpstops. Dust boots are included because the 2003-04 Cobra OEM dust boots are not compatible with our standard MMCC9994 C/C Plates. The bumpstops are omitted because Bilstein and MM struts have internal bumpstops.

Please look here to view any Maximum Motorsports Caster/Camber Plate installation instructions as well as instructions for all of our other products. These highly detailed instructions will help you determine what is required for installation before your purchase your plates.

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