MM Manual Steering Rack Installation Kit

1979-84 Mustang. Performance parts for installation of a manual steering rack. Includes MM Steering Shaft, MM Bumpsteer Kit, and urethane rack bushings.

Item #:MMST-30
Price: $415.92

  • MM Solid Steering Shaft eliminates the rag joint for improved steering response, and has no setscrews to loosen.
  • MM Bumpsteer Kit provides the ability to minimize bumpsteer.
  • Urethane Steering Rack Bushings improve steering response by more securely mounting the rack to the chassis.
Increase the performance of a manual steering rack installation with this kit from MM. There is no need to settle for the stock version of required parts such as outer tie-rod ends and steering shafts when converting from power steering to manual steering. This MM kit includes the parts necessary to optimize the performance of a manual steering rack. Manual steering racks are sold separately.

  • This above installation kit is intended for fitment with a stock K-member. For installation with an MM K-member, or other aftermarket K-members, contact an MM Tech Associate for assistance.
  • If your Fox chassis (1979-93) Mustang has the longer SN95 (1994-2004) front control arms, be sure to notify us when placing your order, to ensure getting the proper Bumpsteer Kit (Adjustable outer tie-rod ends).
  • Some aftermarket k-members may require different rack bushings. Check to see if your aftermarket k-member is designed to use rack bushings secured with a 12mm or a 16mm bolt.
  • If you already have an MM K-member installed in your car, call the MM Tech Line, as you already have MM Steering Rack Bushings and possibly the correct Bumpsteer Kit (Adjustable outer tie-rod ends). An MM Tech Associate will help select the correct parts for your application, including Manual Steering Rack Spacers (MMST-8) if needed.

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