MM Torque Arms @ Last Call Racing

To give a Mustang the most grip possible, a Maximum Motorsports Torque-arm is needed. It is the key component in creating the ultimate rear suspension for your Mustang. After installing MM Rear Lower Control Arms and an MM Panhard Bar, the MM Torque-arm is the final step. The complete MM Torque-arm Suspension System will dramatically improve your car's traction and handling prowess. The Torque-arm eliminates rear axle wind-up, which is the primary cause of wheel hop during acceleration.

Maximum Motorsports has two basic torque-arms available. The Standard Duty Torque-Arm and Heavy Duty Torque-Arm. The Standard Duty Torque-Arm is available in a "racing" crossmember model that requires similar exhaust flange modifications that the heavy duty torque arm requires. The racing crossmember model then makes removing the exhaust much easier for race car use where frequent exhaust removal may be required, due to greatly improved exhaust flange access. All three models (Standard Duty, Standard with racing crossmember, and Heavy Duty) are then available with attachment for MM and other suitable rectangular subframe connectors or suitably strong round subframe connectors.