1987-2004 Bilstein/MM3 Race Series Shock

mm-be5-6418-mm3 - 1987-2004 Bilstein/MM3 Race Series Shock

Item #:mm-be5-6418-mm3
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1987-2004 Mustang, MM3 Race series rear shock
  • Intended for track-driven Mustangs with rear coil-over spring rates of 325 lb/in to 375 lb/in.
  • Exclusive MM valving designed for superb track performance, not for street ride quality.
  • Based on the optimal 1994-04 shock design, with an integral bumpstop
  • Shocks do not include lower eyelet bushings because they are part of the coil-over conversion kit these shocks are intended to accompany.
  • Not intended for use with conventional springs: Could produce a severe overdamped effect.
Technical information:

  • Superb track performance, especially in wheel-to-wheel racing
  • MM3 Race series shocks are made with patented mono-tube technology
  • High nitrogen gas pressure prevents oil foaming
  • Monotube design has better heat dissipation than twin-tube dampers, keeps the oil cooler, and decreases heat-induced damper fade
  • Each MM3 Race series shock is tested on a shock dyno Offered exclusively by Maximum Motorsports for open-tracking and wheel-to-wheel road racing. The MM3 Race series shocks are intended for track-driven Mustangs with spring rates higher than the rates compatible with MM's MM2 Race series dampers. Constructed with the highest-grade materials and extreme attention to detail.

    MM3 Race series shocks are the perfect choice for a car that sees aggressive open-tracking, time trials, or wheel-to-wheel racing. Designed to control the coil-over spring rates required for on-track performance, the MM3 Race series shocks are intended for a track-driven cars equipped with coil-overs. The MM3 Race series rear shocks are ready to accept the MM rear coil-over conversion kit; they are manufactured with the groove in the shock body that is required by a coil-over conversion kit.

    All MM non-adjustable shocks utilize patented mono-tube technology. Compared to twin-tube dampers, these provide better heat dissipation to keep the damper's oil cool, which decreases heat-induced damper fade. The highest nitrogen gas pressure available prevents oil foaming and fading. Every MM damper is tested on a shock dyno before leaving the factory to ensure quality.

    All MM3 Race series rear shocks are based on the optimal 1994-04 design, and come with an integral, progressive bump stop.

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