1987-2004 Bilstein/MM Sport Series Strut

mm-mb-4138-s1 - 1987-2004 Bilstein/MM Sport Series Strut

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1987-2004 Mustang, MM Sport series strut
  • Intended for street-driven Mustangs with front coil-over spring rates of 350 lb/in and 400 lb/in.

Technical information:
  • Firm, yet good ride quality, as is expected of a performance car
  • High-grade alloy steel strut mounting ears on the proprietary MM-designed and manufactured housings prevent bending as a result of brake-reaction loads
  • MM struts are made with patented mono-tube technology
  • Inverted strut design has very large strut shaft bushings for greater resistance to deflection from cornering loads, and protection of the oil seal
  • High nitrogen gas pressure prevents oil foaming
  • Monotube design has better heat dissipation than twin-tube dampers, keeps the oil cooler, and decreases heat-induced damper fade
  • Velocity-sensitive valving improves ride quality
  • Each MM strut is tested on a shock dyno
  • MM struts do not come with dustcovers because these struts are intended for use with coil-overs, and the appropriate small dustcovers are included with our front coil-over kit.
MM Sport Series struts and shocks are the perfect choice for a dual-purpose car that sees aggressive street driving and occasional open-tracking. Designed to control aggressive coil-over spring rates while still maintaining good ride quality, the MM Sport struts and shocks are intended for a high performance street-driven car equipped with coil-overs.

All MM non-adjustable struts and shocks utilize patented mono-tube technology. Compared to twin-tube dampers, these provide better heat dissipation to keep the damper's oil cool, which decreases heat-induced damper fade. The highest nitrogen gas pressure available prevents oil foaming and fading. The inverted strut design allows for very large strut shaft bushings, which are less prone to deflection. This inverted strut design also keeps the oil seal protected from the elements. Every MM damper is tested on a shock dyno before leaving the factory to ensure quality.

All MM struts feature a unique proprietary strut housing with high-strength mounting ears. These mounting ears prevent the possibility of bending as a result of brake-torque reaction loads. All MM struts include a small diameter dustcover that is suitable for coil-over applications.

Warranty on MM struts is 3 years.

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