Maximum Motorsports Rear Control Arms for 2005+ Mustangs

MM5RLCA-52 - Maximum Motorsports Rear Control Arms for 2005+ Mustangs

Item #:MM5RLCA-52
Price: $299.97

Maximum Motorsports' Aluminum Rear Lower Control Arms for the 2005 and newer Mustang improve traction and handling by eliminating bushing compliance and correcting suspension geometry. Spherical rod ends ensure precise axle control, eliminating the compliance that leads to wheel hop, while still allowing the rear suspension to articulate freely. Offset mounting bushings correct the rear suspension geometry for reduced understeer. The arms come preset to the stock length for easy installation, and offer length adjustability to square the axle to the chassis. These lightweight control arms weigh in at a scant 2.28 pounds each, nearly 9 pounds per set lighter than the OEM control arms. They are anodized gray for durability and great appearance. While acceptable to performance enthusiasts for street use, expect a mild increase in noise transmitted through these arms. Keep your tires firmly planted with Maximum Motorsports Rear Lower Control Arms!

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