Oil Filter Relocation Kit for 1996-98 - Severe Duty

mm-oc-4 - Oil Filter Relocation Kit for 1996-98 - Severe Duty

Item #:mm-oc-4
Price: $289.95

The Maximum Motorsports Oil Filter Relocation Kit moves the oil filter from the original location on the engine block, to inside the driver-side fender behind the bumper.

This is a top quality kit with beautiful billet aluminum mounts, high quality hose and AN fittings. Eliminates the hard to reach stock filter that drips on your steering rack and K-member during oil changes. The new filter location is easily accessible from the bottom of the car - in front of the fender liner and behind the front bumper. The filter is oriented vertically to eliminate oil drain-back, and the mess during filter changes. Converts from the small 4.6 modular filter to the commonly available large capacity 302 Ford filter. This kit is required when installing a Maximum Motorsports K-member on a modular engine car equipped with an OEM oil cooler (all 4.6 4V Cobra engines).

Complete kit includes a billet aluminum engine adapter, billet aluminum remote filter mount, -10 AN hose ends, hose, oil filter, all necessary mounting hardware, and detailed instructions. The standard version has high-pressure textile braided hose, aluminum push-lock -10 AN hose ends, and a FL-1A Ford oil filter. The severe-duty version uses Teflon-lined stainless-steel braided hose, aluminum swivel seal -10 AN hose ends, and a FL-1HP Ford Racing oil filter.

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