Maximum Motorsports Road and Track Box Packages @ Last Call Racing

The Road & Track Box greatly improves handling for both daily-driven Mustangs and those driven in open track events. This is Maximum Motorsports' most popular Grip Box, it provides excellent performance while maintaining good ride quality, and is the ultimate upgrade for the stock-based suspension.

  • Handling is significantly improved.
  • Quicker steering response.
  • Reduced nosedive while braking.
  • Reduced body roll during cornering.
  • Chassis rigidity is greatly increased.
  • Firmer ride quality, as is expected of a performance car, but not overly harsh.
  • Appearance is enhanced by the lowered stance.
  • It provides an excellent foundation for future modifications such as a coil-over conversion and/or a Torque-arm.
1979-86 Mustangs can be fitted with a customized Road & Track Box. See the RTB-1 or RTB-1C below for details.

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