1987-1989 Mustang Convertible Sport Box

MM-SB1C - 1987-1989 Mustang Convertible Sport Box

Item #:mm-sb1c
Price: $1,712.89


1987-89 Mustang Convertible Sport Box includes
  • H&R Sport springs
  • MM Caster/Camber Plates
  • Tokico Premium Performance struts
  • Tokico Premium Performance shocks
  • Urethane Spring Isolators
  • MM Pinion Snubber (solid axle Mustangs)
  • MM Panhard Bar
  • MM Standard Subframe Connectors
  • MM Strut Tower brace
  • MM 4-point K-member Brace
  • Urethane Steering Rack Bushings
  • Front Swaybar Bushings
  • Front Swaybar End links
  • Specify front swaybar diameter when ordering.
  • 1979-86 Mustangs can be fitted with a customized version of this Sport Box if upgraded to 1987 or newer spindles and rear lower shock mounts. Contact our Tech Associates (by phone or email) for assistance before ordering.
  • This Grip Box may be customized to suit your desires. Contact our Tech Associates for help putting together a custom Sport Box for your Mustang.
  • Performance improvement in one complete package.
  • Intended for a street-driven Mustang, not one entered in driving events.
  • High quality springs lower your Mustang.
  • Caster/camber plates allow setting the alignment within specification.
  • Matching struts and shocks provide good ride quality and enhanced performance.
  • Aged rubber spring isolators are easily replaced during spring installation.
  • Shorter pinion snubber increases suspension travel.
  • Cornering grip and stability are greatly improved by the Panhard bar.
  • Chassis rigidity is increased, improving both handling and ride quality, by the subframe connectors, strut tower brace, and k-member brace.
  • Bushing compliance reduced by urethane bushings, improving steering response.

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