MSD 2V Coil On Plugs Kit (99-04, Set of 8)

MSD-2VCOPS - MSD 2V Coil On Plugs Kit (99-04, Set of 8)

Item #:msd-2vcops
Price: $369.00

MSD 2V Coil On Plugs Kit (99-04, Set of 8)

The new Blaster CoPs are designed as a direct bolt-in replacement coil for many SOHC Modular Motors. The housing and installation are the same as the factory, but thatís where the similarity ends.

Inside the MSD red housing, engineers specíd better material to assemble the primary and secondary windings. There is also patented dual magnet technology to step up the output.Together, this combines a coil that produces higher voltage and spark energy! The Coil-near-Plug design of the Blaster CoPs puts the spark energy right out of the coil and across the plug gap to improve the combustion and output of the engine.

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