Safecraft Fire Suppression Systems @ Last Call Racing

Safecraft Fire Suppression SystemsSafecraft's safety equipment is used by more NASCAR, NHRA and SCCA teams than any other brand. Safecraft is the only manufacturer to have 3 models of extinguishers and 6 different extinguishing agents approved to SFI 17.1. Their restraints, harnesses and head nets can be custom made to each users specifications.

Safecraft manufactures a broad range of fire suppression systems to fit all motorsports requirements and regulations. Always consult your rule book to see what your sanctioning body requires before choosing a specific design of system. Several of the Safecraft systems are available with options to help you fit the best type of system to your vehicle.

Removable systems are typically used when an installed system is not required or necessary. Removable systems are also used in high value vehicles as added protection. Removable systems can also be used in conjunction with installed system to give the owner a little extra peace of mind.