Injen 05-06 Tundra / Sequoia 4.7L V8 w/ Power Box & MR Technology (No CARB)

pf2019p - Injen 05-06 Tundra / Sequoia 4.7L V8 w/ Power Box & MR Technology (No CARB)

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INJEN PF Series Power-Flow Air Intake Systems

Injen PF Series Power-Flow intake systems deliver unmatched power gains. These Injen Power-Flow cold air intake systems are engineered to the highest standards, utilizing the latest technology available. Incorporating Injen's own patent-pending MR Technology proves that the Power-Flow series intake systems are the world's first tuned intake systems on the market! The Injen Power-flow intake systems ensure the highest horsepower and torque gains within the safe factory air/fuel ratio limits.

Injen Power-Flow intakes deliver a blast of oxygen at the perfect moment, for blazing combustion and gut-wrenching power output. Injen Power-Flow intakes put your motor on a steady diet of colder, richer oxygen. The process starts with the high-flow air filter's integrated air inducer, air stabilizer, and velocity stack. Fresh air is drawn in, smoothed out, and pressurized. From there, the oxygen flows through the Mega Ram-tuned pipe, where it is released to the mass airflow sensor at calculated intervals. Each intake kit goes through a rigorous dyno-testing process, and is fine-tuned to unleash ferocious performance across the rpm spectrum. 

Key Features:

  • Worlds first cold air intake custom tuned for the drivetrain in your specific make, model and year
  • Uses Injen's sophisticated Mega Ram (MR) technology for maximum horsepower and torqe gains
  • Comes with high-flow air filter with fully integrated air inducer, stabilizer and velocity stack
  • The high-flow air filter pulls in more air, strips out turbulence and pressurizes to optimum level
  • Comes with AMSOIL Ea Air Filter with Nanofiber Technology
  • Can provide performance increases by up to 30bhp
  • Injen Power-Flow intake systems bolt on without any drilling!
  • Covered with Injen's Lifetime Warranty

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