1993 Mustang Cobra 5.0L Vortech Superchargers @ Last Call Racing

1993 Mustang Cobra 5.0L
  Power Torque
Stock 235 HP 285 lb/ft
Vortech Std 376 HP* 400 lb/ft*
Vortech HO 405 HP* 420 lb/ft*

This Vortech supercharging system can safely increase your 93 Cobra's horsepower from 235 to 376 and torque from 285 lb./ft. to 400 lb./ft.*

Available with V-3 internally lubricated supercharger

High Output Supercharging Systems:
The increased boost level, high output supercharger system, features a fully integrated air to water aftercooler approach to charge cooling. This system will increase horsepower from 235 to 405 and will increase torque from 285 lb./ft. to 420 lb./ft.*

Quality Features:

  • Vortech gear driven supercharger with SQ technology provides nearly silent operation and unmatched reliability
  • Technologically advanced, high-efficiency impeller and housing design developed in Vortech's supercharger text cell
  • Fuel management upgrade includes high-flow fuel pump and fuel management unit (FMU)
  • Integrated air/water, dual-pass charge cooler configuration allows for additional horsepower gains and features maintenance-free design(High output systems)
  • Oil feed and oil drain assemblies deliver the best possible lubrication and cooling for the supercharger, even under sustained boost conditions
  • Inlet and discharge duct connections utilize heat resistant silicon sleeves and premium quality stainless steel clamps
  • OEM-type cast aluminum mounting bracket for "factory-installed" appearance and rigidity
  • High-flow bypass valve provides surge-free compressor operation
  • Complete systems are 50-state smog legal under CARB EO# D-213-17