Vortech 2008 Bullitt Superchargers @ Last Call Racing

2008 Mustang Bullitt 4.6L

2008 Ford 4.6L 3V Mustang Bullitt, V-Power Supercharging Systems
Power Torque
Stock 315 HP 325 lb/ft
Vortech 494 HP* 432 lb/ft*
Supercharger: V-3 Si-Trim
Boost Pressure: 10-11 PSI at redline
  • 3.60" drive pulley
    • 8-rib supercharger drive design allows for maximum belt traction and stability
    • Maintains the factory automatic drive belt tensioner.
    • Includes OEM quality A/C pulley, power steering pulley, alternator pulley, idlers and crank damper pulley
  • Supplied Diablosport Predator programmer re-flashes the ECM with a safe, custom Vortech calibration for 91-octane fuel. Other benefits include:
    • Live data monitoring and diagnostics
    • Logging capability
    • Reading and resetting DTC’s
  • Fuel system upgrade includes:
    • High flow 60 lb/hr replacement fuel injectors
    • 255 lph "in-tank" fuel pump with harness. Used in conjunction with the OEM in-tank pump to provide a dual-pump configuration.
  • Air inlet assembly includes:
    • Roto-molded ducts
    • Silicone sleeves
    • Stainless steel clamps
    • 98 mm MAF meter housing with filter
    • Diablosport MAF interface adapter for extended meter range
    • Air filter and shield
  • Includes replacement engine coolant pipes and hose assemblies
  • Billet aluminum supercharger mounting bracket assembly includes idlers, drive belt and all hardware
  • Large charge cooler assembly includes:
    • Welded charge cooler core (*new* 5.46" x 11" air-side face x 4" thick) assembly with cast tanks
    • Molded silicone discharge elbow, Vortech race compressor bypass valve, silicone sleeves and stainless steel clamps
    • Charge cooler surge tank with hoses, clamps and plumbing
    • High-flow Bosch water circulation pump for closed loop cooling
    • Large capacity, dual pass water cooler. Dual pass design and increased volume allows for increased heat exchange and improved performance during extended heavy throttle operation.

Installation time is rated at 10-13 hours