SCT Performance 4332 - SCT Advantage III Ford Pro Racer Software

sct-4332-SCT Performance Advantage III Ford Pro Racer Software

Item #:sct-4332-pro-racer-package
Price: $349.00

You've always wanted to tune your Mustang yourself; Advantage III Ford Pro Racer software from SCT Performance gives you the tools to custom-tune and tweak your Pony. Their software, which supports most Ford vehicles, is an easy-to-use, Windows-based program with built-in help files and all of the tuning controls and variables that professional tuners use. Pro Racer software unlocks your vehicle's PCM to tune parameters for optimal performance and drivability, whether you've added simple or high-horsepower modifications. Advantage III is field-tested and proven software that will guide you through the entire tuning process. You're in complete control of your vehicle's PCM for added power and performance with Advantage III Ford Pro Racer software from SCT.

Package Contents:
  • DVD that includes installation of SCT Advantage 3 software
  • USB security key
  • License agreement
  • SCT lanyard
*Must own or purchase a SCT X3 Programmer to load tunes from this software to your Vehicle.

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