Injen 2009-13 Corolla 1.8L 4 Cyl. (No CARB)

sp2079blk - Injen 2009-13 Corolla 1.8L 4 Cyl. (No CARB)

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INJEN SP series Short Ram Intake System:  

These Injen intake systems feature the patent pending MR technology process for optimal gains and a safe A/F ratio. Injen’s SP Series Cold Air Intake is specifically built for significant power gains in performance vehicles. The SP Series Intake unleashes your engine's power potential by force-feeding rich oxygen into your cylinders, which improves combustion efficiency.

The Injen SP system is made with T-6061 tubing that is CNC mandrel bent specifically for your vehicle, and then vehicle specific brackets are TIG welded onto your intake for a perfect fit. Injen then tests the intake on its Dynojet before shipping it to you. Injen is so confident in this product that each one comes with a limited lifetime warranty!

 Key Features:  

  • Custom designed for your specific vehicle by make, model and year.
  • Purposely designed and engineered to fit behind the front bumper, to feed your car with fresh, cold and denser air.
  • Maximizes your engine's power by forcing in rich, cold air into your cylinders, improving the engines combustion efficiency, and increasing performance.
  • Created using the finest aerospace-grade T-6061 billet aluminium.
  • CNC mandrel bent resulting in unrestricted air flow.
  • Dyno-proven for best, reliable gains in horsepower.
  • Comes with AMSOIL Ea Air Filters with Nanofiber Technology
  • The kit includes all necessary parts for mounting, including steel clamps, silicone hoses and the pioneering rubber "vibra-mount" system which cushions against engine torque and full installation instructions.
  • Covered with Injen's Lifetime Warranty.

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