SPEC Stage 2 Clutch (2005+ Mustang GT)

SPE-60007 - SPEC Stage 2 Clutch (2005+ Mustang GT)

Item #:spe-60007
Price: $359.99

SPEC Stage 2 Clutch (2005+ Mustang GT)

Has the modding bug bit you after you bought your 2005+ Mustang GT? Adding forced induction to this car is quite simple and creates massive horsepower and torque gains, but you have to safely control the power that is heading to your wheels. Thats where the SPEC Stage 2 Clutch comes in!

Stage 2 Clutches are designed for all mild to moderately modified naturally aspirated and power adder engines, but can be used with stock power levels without sacrificing drivability or excessive wear characteristics. This particular stage can hold up to 520 ft/lb of torque!

Each Stage 2 Clutch includes a high clamp pressure plate, pure Kevlar friction material and high torque sprung hub and disc assembly. SPEC even provides you with an alignment tool. Concerned about the clutch pedal being hard to push down? Well dont be, for SPEC designed this clutch to have stock-like daily drivability and wear characteristics that will make your clutch last longer so you wont have to replace it again!

Note: This replacement clutch for the 2005+ Mustang GT requires a new SPEC flywheel to be installed. Look at our flywheel page for these 2005+ Steel and Aluminum Flywheels. Although pictured, the throw out bearing and bolt kit are not included with the 2005+ SPEC Stage 2 Clutch. LastCallRacing.com suggests using a Ford throw out bearing for best results.

Torque Rating: 520 ft./lbs.

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