Griggs Racing Rear Suspension Systems @ Last Call Racing

GR40ST Ultimate Street Performance The starter system, includes the foundation to make a street-driven Mustang into a smooth riding Porsche killer. This kit was configured to give you incredible hookup and cornering performance. This system focus on the weakest link in the S197 platform the front suspension. Significant weight will be shed from the front end and give you a great foundation for future upgrades. Major components include a Tubular Front Cradle, Koni Coil-Overs and an SLA System. Installation is as easy as it gets with no welding required. Whether you drive your Mustang at the strip or in the twisties this kit is guaranteed to yield significant performance improvements.

GR40TT Autocross/Open Track System Engineered for the serious Mustang driver that uses his car on the strip or the road course, and still drives on the street. The kit includes all the components as the Ultimate Street Kit but includes adjustable Severe Duty Lower Control Arms and spring rate changes. This system will improve performance over the Ultimate Street System but it will have a slight increase road noise. This is our most popular system.

GR40RT World Challenge / American Iron The kit that won it all. THE standard of excellence. The most popular chassis system in late-model road racing history. Twelve years on the market and still dominant. The proof is in the race records. If you want to be consistently fast you need the World Challenge Kit. If you donít win with this, its time to check your driving. There is no comparison for this one. And race parts with a lifetime warranty... really.