Griggs Racing Lower Control Arm Kits for 2005-2009 Mustang/Shelby @ Last Call Racing

  • Designed for high brake and cornering loads.
  • Equipped with PTFE lined Spherical rod ends and strength where they need it.
  • STRONG these arms have been refined over the years to provide the best strength to weight ratio on the market. And the only control arm on the market with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Bi-element design. Strong where it needs to be it also has a designed in soft spot that provides breakaway protection for more vital parts of the cars chassis during altercations that can happen during wheel to wheel competition
  • Inexpensive replacement of service parts.
  • Adjustability allows the experienced chassis tuner the option to make changes to front end geometry such as Ackerman. However, adjustment is not required as all control arms are shipped assembled and pre-adjusted to GR40 specifications on a fixture.

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