Griggs Racing 2005-2009 Mustang/Shelby SLA Shock Kits @ Last Call Racing

Two units are offered:

Standard Koni 30 series GR40 shock

The Koni 30 series is a fixed compression and adjustable rebound, shock which was developed to provide a durable, fade free and consistent race worthy shock with ideal damping characteristics to compliment the GR40SLA system. Removable coil over hardware allows for inexpensive replacement of the shock itself should an altercation prove this necessary.

Ultra-light Koni 3012 series GR40 Dual adjustable shock

Externally adjustable in both bump and rebound, a digressive compression curve, and extreme light weight aluminum construction with integral coil over spring seats make this shock the serious racerís unit of choice. Simplicity is paramount on a race car, and as with all Koni patented quality shocks, no external reservoir is needed reducing cost and complexity in a premium quality race shock.

Extremely durable components were developed for the NASCAR wars. Valving and dimensions were developed by Griggs Racing for GR40 SLA applications. Made to our exclusive specifications, each shock is fitted with Teflon lined stainless ball ends and tested and adjusted on our shock dyno (both compression and rebound) to our SLA baseline settings so you wonít have to fool with it if you donít want to. Serviceable, these shocks are an investment you will be glad you made. Used on Old Blue in all races won since 2004 and many others including Ernesto Rocos 06 AIX championship winner (as delivered off our dyno with no additional adjustments).

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