Griggs Racing 2005-2009 Mustang/Shelby SLA Upper Control Arm Kits @ Last Call Racing

Quick Facts
  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Serviceable
  • Non-compliant bushings with grease fittings
  • Simple accurate alignment process.
  • (One turn of both tubes equals degree camber)
  • Screw in ball joint common to most all NASCAR stock car applications
  • Arm assembly is fully race and street tested
  • Shipped assembled and pre-set to blueprint dimension ready for installation on GR40-SLA.
  • Can be ordered preset to any length and offset you require. Contact for custom applications.

    Two arms available:
    1. 0 degree Ball joint for use with SN95 spindles at ride heights over 8 inches
    2. 10 degree Ball joint angle for use at ride heights under 8 Inches or with 2-inch drop spindles.

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