Griggs Racing 2005-2009 Mustang/Shelby Torque Arms @ Last Call Racing

  • Maximizes forward bite
  • Eliminates Rear Wheel Hop.
  • Consistent launching
  • Confidence inspiring handling at the limit that you have to feel to believe.
  • Reduces drive line articulation which extends CV joint life in the new technology 2 piece drive shafts.
  • Eliminates the 3rd link and attached pinion snubber.
  • Allows the car to be set to a lower ride height without bottoming, which lowers center of gravity and is way cool.

    Nothing works as well, or is a greater joy to drive fast than a high powered V8 rear drive car with a properly designed TorqueArm system. Griggs Racing introduced TorqueArm technology to Mustangs in 1979, and our design for the S197 chassis is a new system for these wonderful newer cars. The forward mounting utilizes a new technology rubber bushing that eliminates noise transfer of previous designs. Installed with either design of our lower control arms and anti-squat brackets, the new TorqueArm geometry eliminates rear wheel hop while at the same time greatly improving forward bite and launch performance as well as chassis stability while driving at the limit in situations causing ride height changes as in cresting a hill while cornering.

    Minor modification to exhaust system H pipe required. Simple weld in X pipe section is available for those that want to improve exhaust performance or sound. Installation requires welding. (This is the only welding to the car of any chassis component we offer for 05 and newer Mustangs. Welding is minimal and is less significant than what is required when installing subframe connectors).

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