Maximum Motorsports Coil-Over Packages @ Last Call Racing

Make your Mustang’s suspension perform at its best by replacing the stock springs with a Maximum Motorsports Coil-Over Package. Once thought of as a race car only item, Coil-Over suspensions are now considered the hot set-up for any highly tuned street car. A Coil-Over conversion provides the combination of incredible handling and great ride quality that one expects from a world-class performance car. Whether you are building a street car or a purebred race Mustang, our Maximum Motorsports Coil-Over kits provide the performance, strength, and durability necessary to handle the rigors of both the racetrack and daily driving. With a Maximum Motorsports Coil-Over Conversion Kit you will have the no-compromise handling you demand without paying a penalty in ride comfort. Switching to a MM Coil-Over Suspension System is a win-win situation for any Mustang!