Maximum Motorsports Maximum Grip Box Packages @ Last Call Racing

World-class handling is the hallmark of the Maximum Grip Box. This quantum leap forward in technology was originally developed for street-driven Mustangs, yet with only a few minor parts substitutions is used on many winning racecars.

  • Huge increase in cornering grip and straight-line traction.
  • Handling balance is tunable.
  • Increased stability.
  • Ride height is adjustable to suit your preference.
  • Quicker steering response.
  • Nosedive while braking is greatly reduced.
  • Body roll during cornering is greatly reduced.
  • Chassis rigidity is significantly increased.
  • Firm, yet good ride quality, as is expected of a performance car.
1979-86 Mustangs can be fitted with a customized Maximum Grip Box. See the GB-1 or GB-1C below for ordering details.

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