Maximum Motorsports Starter Box Packages @ Last Call Racing

Maximum Motorsports' Starter Box will lower your Mustang and improve its handling.

  • Handling is significantly improved, with quicker response.
  • Appearance is enhanced by the lowered stance.
  • Reduced nosedive while braking.
  • Reduced body roll during cornering.
  • Firmer ride quality, as is expected of a performance car, but not overly harsh.
  • Provides an excellent foundation for future modifications, and is the heart of the MM Road & Track Box.
1979-86 Mustangs can be fitted with the SBX-1 Starter Box if they are upgraded to 1987 or newer spindles and rear lower shock mounts.

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1987-1989 Mustang Starter Box
Regular price: $1,151.56
Sale price: $1,145.87

1990-1993 Mustang Starter Box
Regular price: $1,151.56
Sale price: $1,145.87

1994-1998 Mustang Starter Box

1999-2004 Mustang Cobra (Hardtop and Convertable) Starter Box

1999-2004 Mustang GT Starter Box
Regular price: $1,130.13
Sale price: $1,073.62

2005+ Mustang Starter Box

GT500 Mustang Starter Box