Tokico D-Spec Strut, 1987-93 Mustang

tok-db3026 - Tokico D-Spec Strut, 1987-93 Mustang

Item #:tok-db3026
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Tokico adjustable D-Spec strut, 1987-93 Mustang

The Tokico D-Spec (Damping Specific) series has a sophisticated piston and valving design that provides an extremely wide range of adjustment, far surpassing the range of the Illumina series. The large adjustment range makes the D-Spec struts and shocks a multi-use damper that can be used for virtually any style of driving. The D-Spec struts and shocks are suitable for street-driven cars, autocrossing, drag racing, and road racing.

The D-Spec dampers have a unique variable-aperture bypass that is controlled by a single adjustment knob. Easily accessed at the top of each strut and shock, the knob changes both rebound and compression damping simultaneously.

Each damper comes with an instruction manual offering pointers on how to adjust them.

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