Tubi Style - Audi R8 Muffler (4.2 V8, No Valves)

Tubi Style - Audi R8 Muffler (4.2 V8, No Valves)

tsaur8c06-000-an - Tubi Style - Audi R8 Muffler (4.2 V8, No Valves)

Item #:tsaur8c06-000-an
Price: $4,600.00

It's hard to say something bad about the R8, except maybe that it's a bit underpowered compared to some of the other exotics it was meant to compete with. Well, you could also say that as a consquence of that, it also suffers from a relatively boring exhaust note that doesn't even come close to matching the exterior character of the car. Luckily, Tubi has developed a non-valved exhaust system which was specifically designed to unlock power hidden in the 4.2L engine and produce a much more aggressive and characteristic exhaust sound. Together with its unique single chamber design, the valveless design relieves back pressure during all driving conditions resulting in gains of 15-20 peak horsepower. Another great benefit of the R8 system is that it's considerably lighter then the factory exhaust, shaving nearly 20 pounds of dead weight from the rear of the car. Tubi achieved this by using high-grade T304 stainless throughout the entire system and of course, by removing the added weight of the two valves. The entire system is then hand polished to a mirror finish, including its 4 adjustable outlet pipes which allow for perfect alignment into the rear bumper tips.

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