Tubi Style - Audi S5 Mufflers (V8 Model)

Tubi Style - Audi S5 Mufflers (V8 Model)

tsaus5c07-003-a - Tubi Style - Audi S5 Mufflers (V8 Model)

Item #:tsaus5c07-003-a
Price: $3,133.00

No matter what you say, we all know the number one reason that we add an aftermarket exhaust system to our cars is for the look, and more importantly, the sound. Just about every exhaust system on the market will add a few extra horsepower to your S5, but what they won't do is make your car sound anywhere near as good as it will with Tubi's rear mufflers. What makes Tubi unique when compared to other exhaust manufacturers is that rather then using a cookie cutter muffler in many different applications, they actually design each muffler to match the character of the car they're going to be installed on. The S5 mufflers are certainly more aggressive sounding then the factory exhaust, with a nice deep tone, but they're also tame enough to suit the classiness of the car.

Like the rest of the Tubi Style lineup, the S5 mufflers are made from the highest grade T304 stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish. Each side is finished with a set of polished tips with a rolled outer edge, slightly staggered to match the contour of the S5's rear bumper perfectly. For an even more aggressive sound, these mufflers can be partnered with Tubi's resonated center section which replaces the factor center mufflers with freer flowing hi performance resonator.

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