Tubi Style - Ferrari F430 Scuderia Muffler (Stainless)

Tubi Style - Ferrari F430 Scuderia Muffler (Stainless)

tsfe430c07-003-a - Tubi Style - Ferrari F430 Scuderia Muffler (Stainless)

Item #:tsfe430c07-003-a
Price: $5,780.00

You own an F430 Scuderia because the standard F430 just wasnít good enough. You may not need the extra power, the 60-millisecond shift times, and you may never realize the benefits of its lightweight carbon fiber interior panels. But youíre part of an elite group of individuals who have the privilege of owning one of the fastest Ferraris ever built. When compared to the standard F430, the Scuderia is lighter, more powerful, and consequently, faster. Part of the Scuderiaís power increase over the standard F430 can be attributed to a revised exhaust system which eliminates the sound valves located in the tips. Improving on the factory exhaust is no small task, but then again, improving on the standard F430 wasnít either. Tubi Style successfully designed their replacement muffler to enhance the Scuderiaís signature Ferrari sound while making no compromises in drivability or performance. So when the best still just isnít quite good enough, Tubi Style can definitely help.

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