Tubi Style - Ferrari California Mufflers (Titanium)

Tubi Style - Ferrari California Mufflers (Titanium)

tsfecalicc08-003-t - Tubi Style - Ferrari California Mufflers (Titanium)

Item #:tsfecalicc08-003-t
Price: $8,800.00

Titanium has a lot of benefits when used in exhaust systems. Itís lightweight, extremely strong, and resistant to corrosion from exposure to the elements. Except for the occasional unexpected rain storm, we canít imagine your Ferrari California being exposed to too many corrosive and damaging elements, but we can imagine that it could benefit from a little weight-loss and some better sound. Thatís where the Tubi Style titanium mufflers come into play. Identical in design to the stainless mufflers, these titanium beauties are direct replacements for the heavy factory mufflers and sound valve assemblies. Weighing in at only 13 pounds total, which is a significant reduction over stock, the mufflers do not incorporate sound valves, so the Californiaís exhaust note is dramatically improved as well.

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