Tork Tech Terminator GT Intercooled Kit, 1999-2004 Mustang GT, Bullitt, 2V

Tork Tech Terminator GT Intercooled Kit, 1999-2004 Mustang GT, Bullitt, 2V

Item #:tti-terminator-gt-intercooled-kit
Price: $2,450.99
Supercharger Selection

1999 to 2004 Mustang GT owners have had "Supercharger Envy" ever since Ford put a blower on to the Terminator Cobra for the 2003/04 model years. How to install this blower on to your GT has been a hot topic of discussion on Internet bulletin boards for years with no one really EVER offering a good solution until now. YOUR WAIT IS OVER! This kit with a factory '03/04 Cobra supercharger can easily and safely make 380-400 RWHP on a stock Mustang GT.

There are supercharger upgrades to choose from as well as other options available for this kit.

How cool is a Mustang GT or Bullitt 2V cars with an Eaton, Whipple or TVS? The answer is very cool! Get your Mustang GT supercharged and be a beast on the street!

The Intercooled Terminator GT Kit Includes The Following:
  • Aluminum lower intake manifold with remote coolant thermostat housing.
  • High capacity intercooler resides inside the lower manifold directly below the customer provided '03/04 Cobra Supercharger.
  • Front engine cross brace assembly that provides a independent 8-rib supercharger drive assembly with all belt tensioners and idlers.
  • 7" lower piggy back style crank pulley that attaches to the factory pulley dampener to complete the separate 8-rib drive belt assembly.
  • Installation is straight-forward and can easily be completed by any DIY enthusiast with basic hand tools in a weekend or less. Our detailed Installation Instructions are shown on the left side of the main page.

This kit does not include other items that will be needed to make a complete kit such as:
  • 2003-2004 Cobra (Terminator) Supercharger (stock, Whipple, Kenne Bell, custom TVS) with inlet plenum, pulley and appropriate length belt to fit what ever upper pulley you choose.
  • Larger fuel injectors to support what ever HP/TQ level you achieve. We expect most who use this kit will easily achieve 350 to 400 HP, depending upon boost level so TTI suggests at least 39 to 42# injectors.
  • Upgraded in-tank fuel pump.
  • Air to water heat exchanger.
  • Fluid pump to transfer coolant between the intercooler core and the heat exchanger.
  • Fluid reservoir to allow for a place to add coolant and check fluid level.
  • Coolant lines, hose clamps, engine belts, etc. are not included since we do not know what you plan to use for a heat exchanger, or where you will be mounting it.
  • Complete intake assembly with a Cobra throttle body, intake tube, MAF, and filter.
  • Custom computer tune, threaded type ACT sensor, and Terminator throttle cable.

The extra parts needed are available on our website for purchase new, or these parts are often found on some Mustang Forums used.

Feel free to place an order online and use our secure checkout 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Call Us M-F 9am-6pm PST @ (858) 527-2917.

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