Tubi Style - Porsche 991 Carrera S Exhaust System (For All Carrera S Models)

tubi-991s-ex - Tubi Style - Porsche 991 Carrera S Exhaust System (For All Carrera S Models)

Item #:tubi-991s-ex
Price: $4,650.00

The 991 model Porsche 911 represents a huge step forward for the Porsche brand, and gives a clear sign of what's to come. A completely restyled body, electronic steering, standard 20 inch wheels, and a new luxurious interior are just a few things that set the 991 apart from it's predecessor. But one thing they both have in common is their rather boring and muffled exhaust note, which is hardly suitable for a sports car with the heritage of the 911. Tubi Style exhaust systems have become synonymous with great sounding sports cars, and the new 991 is no exception. Replacing all three pieces of the factory exhaust system, the Tubi transforms the 991into the true sports car is was meant to be on the open road, yet maintains the civility and comfort of the newly designed car during normal highway cruising and neighborhood driving. This "best of both worlds" sound is achieved by using vacuum actuated sound valves* in the center muffler which open and close under different driving conditions, letting the Porsche's engine growl when you want it to, and keeping it quiet when you need it to.

The Tubi also represents up to 20.5 pounds in weight savings on the Carrera S, coming in at 32 pounds, in comparison to the stock Porsche Carrera S exhaust at a hefty 52.5 pounds (46 for the Carrera). And of course like all Tubi Style exhaust systems the new 991 exhaust is hand made using only the highest quality stainless steel raw materials at Tubi's legendary factory in Maranello, Italy.

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