Tubi Style - Porsche 993 Turbo Mufflers

Tubi Style - Porsche 993 Turbo Mufflers

tubi-993t-ex - Tubi Style - Porsche 993 Turbo Mufflers

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Porsche's 993 Turbo has quickly become a true automotive icon and remains one of the most noteworthy 911 Turbo models of all time. From the time it was introduced, the 993 Turbo brought a level of performance never before seen in any Porsche model. When it was introduced, the 993 Turbo was both the fastest accelerating and fastest stopping production car available at the time. In many regards, it's perfect, with one exception. The exhaust note. That's where Tubi Style comes to the rescue with their signature free-flowing side mufflers, providing a much needed boost to the 3.6 liter's otherwise tame exhaust sound.

Like all their exhaust systems, the 993 Turbo mufflers use a specially designed canister which provides the most uninterrupted exhaust flow possible without any compromise to drivability. The sound is aggressive enough to compliment the car's outstanding performance without any excessive droning or cabin noise, making it easy to blend in under normal driving or highway cruising. The increased flow relieves back-pressure on the turbochargers allowing them to operate more efficiently and generate less damaging heat. The increased efficiency is responsible for the increase in near 20 hp achieved from adding the Tubi mufflers. Each muffler is manufactured from 100% stainless steel and polished to a brilliant finish to avoid any damage that would otherwise be created by exposure to the elements.

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Tubi Style - Porsche 993 Mufflers