Tubi Style - Porsche 997.2 Exhaust System

Tubi Style - Porsche 997.2 Exhaust System

tubi-997-2-ex - Tubi Style - Porsche 997.2 Exhaust System

Item #:tubi-997-2-ex
Price: $3,399.95

For the 2009 model year, Porsche introduced the facelifted 911, appropriately referred to as the 997.2. Although the average onlooker may only notice the subtle exterior changes, the 997.2 brought with it many technological advances including Porscheís new direct injection 3.6 and 3.8 liter engines. Beneath the surface, the 911ís exhaust system was also dramatically changed, with the catalytic converters being relocated to part of the headers, and a third muffler added to the rear of the car. Tubiís exhaust system for the 997.2 replaces both side mufflers and eliminates the rear center muffler, replacing it with a crossover bypass system. By doing away with the restrictive rear center muffler, exhaust flow is dramatically increased by creating an unobstructed path from the headers to each side muffler. Speaking of side mufflers, Tubi used much of the same technology that made their 997.1 mufflers so popular in the 997.2 system, once again creating a complete exhaust that offers no compromise in performance or sound. In fact, one of the things that makes this Tubi system so unique is its ability to have an aggressive sound when you want it, but remain completely tame under normal driving conditions. And of course, thereís always the additional 15-20 horsepower gain in case the great sound just isnít enough.

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