Whipple W245ax 4.0L Crusher Supercharger Kit for 2003-2004 SVT Cobra(Black)

wk-200120b- Whipple 03-04 Cobra W245ax 4.0L Crusher Supercharger Kit (Black)

Item #:wk-200120b
Price: $5,880.00

Whipple 03-04 Cobra W245ax Supercharger Kit (Black)

Kit includes 4.0L Blower w/ 3.50" Pulley, 123mm CAI & 160mm Monoblade Throttle Body

Introducing the largest and most powerful twin screw supercharger system available for the 03-04 Cobra. The Whipple 4.0L Super Crusher kit is the same exact supercharger used on Ford's 2010 Super Cobra Jet.

The 4.0L flows 2518 CFM and has a peak rpm of 18,000. It's massive Super Crusher inlet and Super Monoblade throttle body remove all restrictions and allow this blower to make some insane power. The 4.0L also powers the fastest 2010 GT500 in the country with a 9.66@146.19 1/4 mile run.

Its highly recommended to have a built motor and supporting fuel system to be able to properly handle the power that this blower is capable of.

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